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Respiratory Protection

During the application of spray foam insulation, chemical combinations are launched airborne in close proximity to the insulation contractor performing the application. Therefore, respiratory protection isn’t optional- it’s an absolute requirement in the spray foam industry. With Honeywell respiratory protection products, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you and your work crews are well protected in the field.

As a leader in respiratory workplace safety, Honeywell Safety has been designing and manufacturing respiratory protection products that have kept people safe for over a century. In the roofing and spray foam industry, Honeywell is synonymous with safety. Having an established reputation for producing products that last, and offering outstanding technical support- Honeywell has maintained a top position in the safety industry and has developed a trusted reputation in spray foam roofing.

At Intech Equipment and Supply, you can shop and order a variety of Honeywell safety products ranging from a full face respirator, to replacement cartridges. If you are new to the spray foam industry, a variety of options are available that can best fit your unique working conditions, and our experts can assist you in selecting the products that suit your needs the best. As always, once you have received your products, our pros can help answer any question or troubleshooting concerns that you may have.

Respiratory safety equipment is non-negotiable in the spray foam insulation industry, and the best products should always be available to you and your crews. In addition to general safety precautions, Honeywell products can also help you ensure that you are meeting all widespread guidelines for safety procedures on your sites. Choosing these affordable products, combined with great replacement pieces and expert advice and service from Intech Equipment- will give you everything you need to keep all your folks safe and breathing easy at work.
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