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Titan Fall Protection

Any trade working at heights knows the importance of proper fall protection equipment, and the unthinkable outcome that could result from negligence. Not only should providing proper fall protection equipment be a top priority, but choosing reputable, affordable equipment that maximizes comfort and safety, should be a close second. With Honeywell and Miller Fall Protection, the Titan line up covers all of the bases – Choose an entire full set up from scratch, or simply compliment and add to your existing equipment. Either way, find the full line up of accessories and fall protection equipment at Intech Equipment and Supply Online today!

Browse from various styles and sizes of lanyards, harnesses and more – Each with available specific details including governing regulations and recommended use applications. Honeywell is one of the most reputable suppliers in the industry, and with the extensive selection – a variety of options allow you to select what is best for your unique sites and crews. As with any equipment investment, proper planning and a thorough understanding will ensure a positive outcome. Keeping your crews safe with reflect well on productivity, allowing them to focus on the tasks at hand – And also provide protection against costly fines and sanctions for neglecting to have proper fall protection procedures and equipment in place.

Browse easily online, or call an Intech Equipment and Supply pro for additional assistance in comparison and ensuring a proper match for your intended use. Fall Protection equipment provides a safe working environment, and when selecting proper equipment that fits and functions comfortably – your crews can be more productive than ever. Everything from helpful one- stop kits to single accessories or parts can be ordered as needed. Make safety and fall protection a priority on every single job site. Shop all of Honeywell’s safety equipment – Including hearing, eye and face protection, respiratory and more.
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