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Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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PRTC - Polyurethane Roof Training Center

Course material covers polymer spray roofing materials and equipment, as well as information on general safety concerns and best practices. Also covered are environment application issues and concerns, including the responsibilities of the applicator in protecting the public and protecting the environment. Provide your crews with the best training to ensure excellent results, and a thorough understanding of polymer roofing.

Our intensive training covers surface preparation, equipment usage and adjustments, application methods and unique factors such as weather and environmental impacts. Learn and master membranes and sealants, such as single ply, built-up and mod-bit applications. Cover and develop an understanding of routine trouble shooting on the job site, including repair and maintenance of the roofing systems themselves as well as routine equipment procedures. Watching and learn about basic roofing systems, two-component polyurethane adhesives and application technique videos. Each course day also includes a catered lunch.

Provide your business with the best in tools and education with the experts at Intech Equipment and Supply. Our expansive industry experience is the foundation of our training course, and is based entirely around practical applications that spray foam contractors encounter on a regular basis. Increase the value of your crews and your business by completing the comprehensive polyurethane training! Call today or order online, availability is provided following scheduling
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