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Specialized Industrial Pads

When talking about general job site safety in the spray foam, roofing, and construction industries, knee pads aren’t exactly the first topic coming to mind. With imminent dangers that require fall protection, respiratory safety or eye protection taking priority, knee pads just are not on the radar. The fact is, in the present day knee pads may seem irrelevant, just another piece of equipment to spend money on, and keep track of, much less remember to use. However the truth is, knee pads can significantly protect you now and in the long term.

These are not your average, every day knee pads often associated with sports or children. These have been designed for the hard working industries that constantly put daily physical demands on our bodies. Different models have different benefits, so depending on your need we are sure to have the perfect set of knee pads for you.

Whether you are on your knees on a roof, smoothing concrete, or welding, Allegro Industries has got you covered. Advanced technology makes the knee pads comfortable to wear all day, and also ensures that you are fully protected. Both hard and soft materials combine to keep your knees in top shape. Right now this may not seem like a priority, but after years in the industry and countless hours of wear and tear on your body, you will be thankful that your knees were protected.

Let Intech Equipment and Supply be your one stop shopping resource, providing products by the industry’s best manufacturers. From spray foam to traditional roofing, spray foam insulation and more, Intech has developed relationships and resources that can benefit you today and in the future. Our extensive lines of personal protection and safety equipment mean that you can do your job, protect your crews and have piece of mind in the equipment you are using. Shop online or by phone today!