Foam Insulation Equipment Packages & Machines

Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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Electrical Parts & Accessories

Having electricity and reliable power on the job site is a must, but you also need the right parts and accessories so that you can take full advantage of your equipment. I have this equipment, where am I going to plug it in? If it doesn’t reach, how will I make it reach? What if there aren’t any plugs available, what do I do now? Will it get sufficient power for that distance? These are all important questions and failure to plan ahead can mean your jobs come to a screeching halt.

Stock up and prepare, with many available types of extension cords, specifically designed for industrial use, sockets, power centers, adapters and much more. Cover the distances and power supplies you need, and ensure that your equipment is compatible with what is available for the job site power source. Your equipment is only as good as the power supplied to it, and being prepared for whatever the next job site throws at you can be invaluable to your profits and your reputation. Browse online, or call our pros for assistance. Shop Intech Equipment for an extension cord and so much more! For traditional commercial roofing, spray foam, safety equipment and beyond – Find all of the industry’s top manufacturers in one place.
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