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Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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Roof Brackets

Roof brackets are one of the most minimal investments that can be made and still have a huge impact on jobsite safety. When your life is on the line it is comforting to know that Roofmaster has been making roof brackets and roofing products for decades. Roofmaster brackets differ from imported competitors in the very materials that make up the bracket itself, which is a huge factor in such a simple piece of equipment. Trust your safety and the safety of your crews to a bracket that is made of 11 gauge steel, much stronger than what is found in most competitor imports.

In certain scenarios, it is necessary to supplement your roof brackets to ensure proper use and maximum safety. In addition to roof brackets, Roofmaster also provides equipment to secure guard rails, pole anchors and jack braces. Pole anchors give extra stability and security in loose and muddy soil, to ensure that slipping and movement doesn't occur. Jack braces, or a pump jack, is used to secure scaffolding in a variety of applications.

Make a small investment with a big impact by providing additional safety and security with roof brackets by Roofmaster. Choose a full line up of varying degree sizes, or opt for adjustable brackets to cover all of the bases. For additional information and questions please contact our technical staff today!

2 X 10 45 Degree Bracket
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2 x 10 45 degree bracket

SKU: 302810

Price: $9.35

2 X 4 Bracket - Narrow
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2 x 4 bracket - narrow

SKU: 302640

Price: $9.50

2 X 4 Bracket - WIDE
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2 x 4 bracket - wide

SKU: 302642

Price: $9.65

2 X 6 - 45 Degree Bracket
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2 x 6 - 45 degree bracket

SKU: 302645

Price: $8.25

2 X 6 - 60 Degree Bracket
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2 x 6 - 60 degree bracket

SKU: 302660

Price: $8.25

2 X 6 - 90 Degree Bracket
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2 x 6 - 90 degree bracket

SKU: 302690

Price: $8.25

2 X 8 Adjustable Bracket
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2 x 8 adjustable bracket

SKU: 302800

Price: $12.95

BC Pump Jack Brace
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bc pump jack brace


Price: $32.50

GR Guard Rail Holder
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gr guard rail holder


Price: $40.00

PA - Pole Anchor
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pa - pole anchor


Price: $37.50

WBB Pump Jack Workbench
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wbb pump jack workbench


Price: $75.00