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Magnetic Sweepers

Roofmaster Magnetic Sweeper

A magnetic sweeper is a versatile clean up tool used in many industries and for general applications, allowing for fast and reliable debris removal. The line of Roofmaster magnetic sweepers are ideal for the roofing industry, built with the contractor in mind to be used on the job site. In addition to the roof, a metal sweeper can be used to tidy up the entire area around your project.

In both residential and commercial roofing, it is important to practice proper clean up and maintenance both during and after the job. A magnetic sweeper can be used to pick up nails, scrap metal and other metal debris from roofs, decks, driveways, grass, walk paths and more. Leaving behind nails and scrap metal can cost you a fortune- and your reputation- if it results in an injury or damage for your client. A Nail in the car tire or worse, in your customers foot, can be the end of your relationship. Keep your reputation and your work areas clean with affordable, easy to use products.

Using a magnetic sweeper means cleaning is a snap. To operate, simply push the sweeper forward over the surface you are trying to clean and the magnet will pick up all of the metal items. This helps you to make sure you do not leave any nails or sharp metal object that can hurt your customer’s car tires, children, or animals. Get repeat business from customers that know you took the time to remove any and all dangerous metal objects around their home.

Roofmaster offers both economy models and deluxe models, which vary in the magnetic power on the sweeper itself. Both the deluxe and economy models feature a solid magnet, unlike many competitors that use a granular magnetic surface on their sweepers. A deluxe magnetic sweeper features almost double the magnetic strength of the economy model, which provides you with even more peace of mind and time savings.
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