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Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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GX7 Spray Gun

The Graco GX-7 if for foam only, and is best suited for roofing, foam insulation, concrete, and for other polyurethane foams. GX-7-DI is for coatings only, and is best suited for med to high fast set polyurea, hybrid coatings, and polyurethane.

GX-7-400 is also designed for coatings just like the GX-7-DI except that the GX-7-400 if best suited for low output fast set polyurea, polyurethane, and hybrid coatings.

Put a Graco GX-7 Spray gun to work on your job sites today, and see a better mixing quality, a more precise spray pattern – and less wear and tear on your equipment - the trifecta in an industry that puts a beating on even the toughest equipment. Reduce cleaning time and troubleshooting, and maximize the hours in a day on the job site. Shop all Graco at Intech Equipment Online today!
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6 Results (Viewing 1 - 6 of 6)