graco a-25 reactor p2 package

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Graco A-25 Probler P2 Reactor Package

The Graco A-25 P2 Reactor Package includes your spray hose, whip hose and the Probler P2 spray gun (GCP2R1) with DataTrak and Wheels.

The Reactor A-25 is a Graco-engineered spray foam proportioner that is unique for the Reactor Line in that it includes an air motor to create the fluid pressure. You can power the Graco A-25 with a smaller generator (10 KW) and a 30 cfm air compressor. This reactor maintains consistent temperature control, even when you're spraying at maximum flow rates - resulting in better quality foam. The Graco A-25 is easy to operate, and maintain and is a great choice of reactor for durability and cost. A complete spec brochure is available from Graco just by clicking here. This informative brochure gives you even more information on another great reactor package from Graco.

The Graco A-25 is a meticulously engineered spray foam reactor that provides the reliability necessary to keep a job site moving on schedule without sacrificing results. Maintaining consistent temperatures with complete control, you get a better quality spray foam application even if you are spraying at the maximum flow rates. DataTrak is also built in with this reactor package, which allows for material usage to be easily tracked for better planning and future improvements.

The Graco A-25 features 3 heat zones, allowing you to properly provide the correct heat control for varying chemicals. Temperature control is easy with the digital control design, and continuing applications is a breeze with consistent results and a better spray quality. The ISO lube system for the pump prevents crystallization from occurring at the shaft or pump seal, and the lower pumps feature a quick knock down design for faster maintenance. The hybrid heater is more efficient, and gives better control over the operating temperature – And the NXT air motor also promotes increased efficiency. The lower air consumption and uniquely designed air valve contribute to smoother operation, less waste and reduced noise.

Learn more about the Graco A-25 or order your reactor today! Keep your spray foam and other plural component jobs on schedule and producing the very best results with Graco at Intech Equipment and Supply.

Operation Manual: 3A1569