graco a-25 reactor with datatrak & wheels

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Graco A 25 Plural Component Reactor with DataTrak

The Graco A25 Reactor is an air powered, plural component reactor designed for spray foam in commercial applications. This A-25 reactor also includes DataTrak and easy maneuverability on wheels. This reactor provides expert application capabilities and is easy to set up and operate. Use for spraying wall foam insulation, as well as several different types of polyurethane spray foam. The fluid pressure system was designed to work with an air compressor and pump.

The Graco A-25 keeps a steady temperature control for better productivity. It will stay at a consistent pressure, which allows for uniform spray patterns. The digital controls are very easy to read and operate. The electrical power for the heaters and the heated hoses require less power than Reactors powered by an electric motor. For example, an E20 Reactor requires 48 amps, single phase, and the A25 only requires 40 amps, single phase. The Graco A-25 combines precision applications and cost savings in one reactor.

Reactor Graco A25 Features:

DataTrak Control
  • Track material usage
Three Heat Zones
  • Resin, Hose and ISO
  • Accurate heat control equates to reliable spray
  • Temperature controls are digital
ISO Pump Lube System
  • Prevents isocyanate crystallization on the pump shaft and pump seal Quick Knockdown Lower Pumps
  • Allows for fast disassembly and maintenance 
Hybrid Heater
  • Better temperature control
NXT ® Air Motor
  • Better efficiency, lower air consumption
  • Lower noise 
Recirculation Manifold
  • Balance pressures quickly
  • Max output. 25 LB per min. (11.4 kg/min)
  • Max fluid working pressure 2000 psi (138 bar, 14 MPa)
  • Max air supply pressure 125 psi (9 bar, 0.9 MPa)
  • Air consumption with 02 tip @ 1500 psi (103 bar, 10.3 MPa) stall pressure. 28 scfm (0.8 m3/min)
  • System air consumption with 2:1 feed pumps @ 100 psi. 34 scfm (.96 m3/min) at flow rate listed above
  • Max heater fluid temperature. 190°F (88°C)
  • Max hose fluid temperature. 180°F (82°C)
  • Heater wattage. 6,000 watts (with the ability to easily reduce to 3,000 watts)
  • Max heated hose length*. 210 ft (64 m) of 3/8 ID
  • Power requirements 40A at 230V, 1-ph
  • 32A at 230V, 3-ph
  • 18.5A at 380V, 3-ph
  • Weight. 250 lb (117.6 kg)
  • Dimensions (with wheels) 43.5 H x 29 W x 30 D in (110 H x 74 W x 76 D cm)
  • Dimensions (without wheels) 43.5 H x 21.5 W x 24.5 D in (110 H x 55 W x 62 D cm)

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Includes: A-25 Reactor with DataTrak and Wheels.