100’ pennant line

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100’ Pennant Line for Warning Line System

Rooftop fall prevention with the Cleasby warning line system is versatile and affordable. The entire system can be purchased by piece as needed or as a package with four poles and 100 feet of line. For new or expanding perimeter warning line systems, purchase the W00100 Pennant Line separately at Intech Equipment and Supply.

The reinforced pennants function to notify workers that they are coming close to the edge of the roof, and also to provide connection between the separate stanchions. The pennants themselves are bright construction orange in color to attract attention, and are built tough to withstand jobsite abuse. The reinforced material will hold up against strong wind and other harsh weather, as well as regular transport between jobs, storage and even the accidental contact with crew or equipment. With Cleasby, you can piece together a custom perimeter warning line system or create your own with a unique count of poles, bases, and pennant line. Each item is sold separately as well as in the comprehensive package. The poles are designed to affix to the base plates with slip fit connections.

Providing quality safety equipment for your crews allows them to continuing focus on the job demands without the worry of accident. Waiting until the unthinkable occurs or until OSHA knocks on your door is not worth the risk that can be resolved by a simple notification system. Shop the full line of rooftop safety equipment and more by Cleasby here at Intech Equipment and Supply.

Call Intech Equipment and Supply today to place your order or to map out your custom set up. Our experts can help you ensure that you provide enough coverage for the rooftop size, and determine whether it is best to start with the full Warning Line System or to work with individual pieces.