spray foam box warmer for single component cylinder


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FBW60 Spray Foam Insulation – Single Cylinder Foam Box Heater

For temperature sensitive materials, such as spray foam insulation, the entire application hinges on proper temperatures being achieved and maintained. In the past, traditional heat systems served their purpose, but not without reoccurring consequences that ultimately cost you time and money on the job. With Powerblanket and their line up of alternative heating solutions – temperature challenges are a thing of the past.

The FBW60 for spray foam insulation delivers an even consistent heat, and reduces heat loss with a fully insulated design. For A or B components, maintaining temperatures is simple with this Single Component Cylinder Box Warmer. Easy set up and operation, and reduced monitoring requirements let you focus on the job, while your materials are properly heated.

Select the FBW60 foam box heater for your spray foam insulation applications and count the ways you reduce waste and maximize productivity. Traditional heat systems are known for creating hot or cold spots – which can wreak havoc on the materials. With Powerblanket, GreenHeat technology delivers even, consistent heat – without cold or hot spots. Because your materials are heated evenly throughout, you reduce issues with under heating and risks of burning. Waste is minimized because your temperatures are consistent, and application times are predictable because you aren’t facing equipment issues or having to remix materials from separation.

Make the choice to take your heating equipment to the next level, but without a hefty price tag or complicated new processes to learn. The best part about Powerblanket is their commitment to providing the spray foam insulation industry with an innovative new product line up for heating solutions, but in doing so, reducing labor related requirements and complications. Powerblanket equipment is easy to set up, take down and transport – With each product meticulously designed to perform, but also with the busy contractor in mind.

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Box Warmer for Single Component Cylinder: 120V 280 Watts 2.33 Amps 600 board foot cylinders / components A or B