spray foam box warmer for 2 part disposable foam box


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Spray Foam Insulation 2 Part Foam Box Heater

Ensuring a successful spray foam insulation application has many factors that come into play, but arguably one of the most important is that of temperatures. Regardless of what climate you work in, where you are applying your spray foam insulation, or how large or small the job size is – Your materials need to be prepped and ready. It is a fine line between over heated and under heated materials, and both scenarios can cost a fortune to correct. Forget what you know about industry standard heating solutions, and turn to Powerblanket for new, effective, trusted and reliable heat source alternatives.

The FBW15 boasts the same characteristics as all other Powerblanket heating equipment – GreenHeat patented technology at the core provides the efficiency and even delivery that Powerblanket has built a name and reputation on. The FBW15 for 2 part disposable foam box is fully insulated, delivering the even heat and minimizing heat waste through escape. Operating off an internal preset temperature control – You can forget the days of worrying whether or not your materials are too hot or too cold – Presets will take you up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit ( + or – 10 degrees).

For spray foam insulation and other similar material applications, adequate heat allows the materials to maintain viscosity, mix and maximizes yield. Too much or too little heat can wreak havoc – and at the end of the day, cost you a fortune. You invest in your materials, and with Powerblanket you can protect that investment. Shop Intech Equipment and Supply for Powerblanket heating solutions – and Learn how Greenheat technology coupled with the innovative yet simplistic Powerblanket name can change your jobsites. Complicated, labor intensive traditional heat systems have met their match with Powerblanket – and your jobsites can reap all the benefits now!

Box Warmer for 2 Part Disposable Foam Box: 120V 280 Watts 2.33 Amps 200 board foot cylinders / components A & B in disposable box