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FCW1212C Cylinder Heater for Spray Foam

With the FCW1212C Foam Box Cylinder Heater, you get Powerblanket Patented Green Heat technology that brings spray foam and other materials up to temperature, keeping your jobs on schedule. This foam box and cylinder warmer measures 12 inches by 15 inches, with a volume of 800 board feet. The preset internal temperature allows for up to 80 Degrees Fahrenheit ( + or – 10 degrees, 26 Degrees Celsius).

With Powerblanket, alternative heating equipment is made easy yet effective. The unique technology is proprietary to the Powerblanket name, and once you are up and running after simplified set up – You’ll see why it is an industry favorite. In spray foam insulation particularly, jobs don’t stop just because the weather drops. Often times this is when the pressure is on and the race against the clock begins – and Assuredly with Powerblanket, your job will be a front runner. Keep your job sites running on schedule, and your results predictable with proper heating.

The FCW1212C Cylinder heater foam box provides delivery of a barrier of insulated heat for spray foam materials and other products, that then creates the manufacturer recommended application temperatures. Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to bring your spray foam up to temperature, and rely on the accurate heating technology in the FCW1212C. For maximum heating retention, Powerblanket’s cinch top design allows for heat to be kept. Use the FCW1212C for spray foam, 12 x 15 inch cylinders, polyurethane and other chemicals requiring heated temperatures on the job.

Powerblanket has been providing industry solutions for spray foam and more – Allowing innovative heating technology to match with simplified set up and operation – providing a winning combination. Your material investments are your livelihood, and with Powerblanket, you don’t run the risk of burning or otherwise compromising the materials – Keeping quality and your reputation in good standing. Shop Powerblanket heating equipment at Intech Online, or call for custom ordering information and any additional assistance.

12" D x 15" H: 120 V 95 Watts 0.79 Amps