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FCW1525C Cylinder Heater for Spray Foam

Protect your materials and you protect your business – with the Powerblanket cylinder heater and foam box, that just got easier! Keep your jobs on track, and ensure that materials are heated properly for application – over and under heating materials can be costly, but with the proper equipment you can eliminate the guesswork. The FCW1525C cylinder heater runs off of an internal preset temperature thermostat control, allowing for heating up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit ( Plus or minus 10 degrees F). Volume of 17 gallon cylinder, the FCW1525C measures 15 inches in diameter and 27 inches height.

Though proper material heating is critical – it doesn’t need to be troublesome. Powerblanket has architected an array of heating solutions that are easy to set up, easy to store and transport – and most important, provide a consistent heat for a fraction of the price of traditional heating sources. The efficiency is clear from the very first use, and distributing even heat for your materials is the top priority. Use this cylinder heater / foam box to heat spray foam materials and other applications that require specific temperatures in order to properly apply.

Make Powerblanket your one stop shop for all industrial heating solutions – From ground prep and thaw work, to material heating in a cylinder, bucket or drum – and so much more. Powerblanket holds the patent on Greenheat technology, and for the last decade has been providing a long list of industry solutions. Not only do you get a better heat, but the easy operation allows for install, uninstalling and transport to be done at a significant cost savings compared to complex, semi- permanent systems.

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15" D x 27" H: 120 V 400 Watts 3.33 Amps