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Spray Foam Cylinder Heater FCW2428C

Both over heating and under heating spray foam and many other materials, can cause costly issues and delays on your job sites. Ensuring you have the proper heating equipment is essential to keeping schedules on track, and profits in your pocket. Cold weather in particular can pose complications – and complex heating systems are often more of a burden than not. Traditional job site heat systems can require lengthy set up, difficult transport – and most importantly, inefficient heat. With Powerblanket technology heating is made easy yet extremely effective. Reduce waste, heat faster, choose Powerblanket.

The FCW2428C is a cylinder heater foam box for spray foam and similar applications. Providing up to 80 degree F heat, the FCW2428C volume size is 60 gallon cylinder – and the internal preset thermostat keeps temperatures consistent and even – whether you are storing one cylinder or have filled the foam box up. Weighing just 8 pounds, one individual can easily carry and set up the heat system – reducing labor and getting materials warming faster. Storage is also a breeze in between use, and transport from job to job simplified.

Many factors can come into play when materials are not properly heated – Viscosity, yield and separation are all elements affected when the proper temperatures are not adhered to. The manufacturer gives recommended specs for a reason – Use them! Failure to do so can cause viscosity to double, can also greatly reduce yield thus wasting your materials – and separation can cause delays while you remix the materials. Long story short, skip all the hassle and choose a reliable heat source – Powerblanket’s FCW2428C.

Shop all Powerblanket equipment online for solutions in the spray foam industry and beyond – offering great alternatives to traditional heating sources. Trusted equipment, reliable heat distribution and simplified set up and operation make Powerblanket an excellent contractor choice. Browse the Intech online store today!

24"D x 34"H: 120V 550 Watts 4.58 Amps