cylinder warmer 15x44

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FCW1541 Cylinder Heater

For heating applications on spray foam materials and more, choose the Powerblanket Foam box / Cylinder heater FCW 1541. Providing up to 80 Degree Fahrenheit temperatures with an internal preset control thermostat, have up to 27 gallon storage volume – And weighing just 12 pounds for simple transport in between uses. Powerblanket marries product performance with simplicity – Not only saving you money on the materials by reducing waste, but also on the time versus a more complex heating system and trouble shooting spray foam equipment if materials aren’t prepped properly.

The FCW1541 can be used to keep your spray foam equipment running properly – In cold temperatures, it is critical that spray foam materials be heated properly, per the manufacturer specs. Not doing so could compromise the job results and your equipment – a risk that is just not worth the taking.

Both under heating and over heating materials can cause major issues - Overheating materials can cause the foam to expand, which either halts or seriously delays project progress, not to mention wastes the material! Other temperature related issues include viscosity, which doubles with declining temperatures – As well as separation and yield. Separation of materials can cause delays while the materials get re-mixed, and if applying at improper temperatures – the end yield is greatly reduced.

With evenly distributed, reliable heat – the risk of over heating is minimal and thus downtime is cut – and the insulated design means heat doesn’t escape rapidly and wastefully. Making the FCW1541 an excellent choice for your spray foam equipment line up.

Order the FCW1541 cylinder heater / foam box for your spray foam equipment line up today at Intech Equipment and Supply. Shop Powerblanket and other industry leading manufacturers in spray foam and beyond at the Intech online store.

15" D x 44" H: 120 V 720 Watts 6 Amps (17 & 27 System)