cylinder warmer 15' insulated top/hood (17 & 27 system)


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Cylinder Heater 17/27 System FCW15H

Powerblanket has built a name in multiple industries, and in spray foam – The heating solutions are versatile and economical, providing a consistent option without breaking the bank. Your material investments are only going to show an ROI when properly cared for, prepped and applied – and a large portion of that equation is the temperature at which the materials are specified to be heated for the application process. Past processes have been cumbersome, but with Powerblanket – The solutions are simple yet extremely efficient.

The Powerblanket FCW15H Top Hood attachment is to be used with your cylinder heater, providing an additional barrier on the top section to prevent heat from escaping. Although the Powerblanket cylinder heater systems provide an even, consistent heat – Access points on any equipment can poise an issue and ultimately lead to waste.

Cut the heat that escapes from your cylinder heater with a maintenance- free solution. Keep the important temperatures that you need, but without the headache of inefficiency. Your spray foam operation will run smoother, and your systems will last longer.

The FCW15H Hood is insulated, providing that extra barrier at the top of the cylinder heater. As with all Powerblanket heating solutions, built tough and rugged to handle the abuse dished out on the job site – and easy to use. Install is fast, and the hood can be taken from job to job as needed without any hassle.

Shop Intech Equipment and Supply for Powerblanket Cylinder Heater options and much more. Thawing blankets, bucket and drum heaters, pipe wraps and other heat solutions come in a variety of sizes to fit your unique material demands. Custom ordering is also available, providing options for even the toughest scenarios. Put Powerblanket and their patented GreenHeat Technology to work on your jobsites today!

15"D Insulated Top/Hood (17 & 27 System)