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drum mixer, 2 cycle gas engine, gear reduction


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HJ600G Drum Mixer (2-Cycle Gas Engine)

If you ask a manufacturer of cold process roofing material what the most important part of the application process is, the answer will always be preparation for proper material consistency. A drum mixer provides the first essential step in any cold process roofing job. Regardless of the perfection of an application process, unless the material itself is readied correctly, the application will not be a success. Safeguard your reputation and your results by using the best in prep tools and equipment for cold process with Hennes Johnson.

The Hennes Johnson commercial mixer line up includes the HJ 600G drum mixer, with a gas powered, two cycle engine. This is a great alternative to an electric powered mixer, especially if your jobs consistently lack a power source. With a gas drum mixer, simply ensure you have fuel on hand and your mixer can be used wherever you are. Portable and easy to use, the HJ600G takes up little space on the job, in transit and while in storage.

This gas drum mixer gives an affordable method of ensuring that your cold process materials can efficiently reach the manufacturer specific consistency prior to application. A cold process roofing system is only as successful as the contributing prep work, and Hennes Johnson makes every step of the process simple and economical.

Order your Hennes Johnson HJ600G Gas drum mixer today at Intech Equipment and Supply, or browse additional options including electric and hydraulic drum mixers, as well as heaters, sprayers and power rollers. Our goal is always to ensure that you have every piece of equipment necessary to get your roofing contracts successfully completed, providing only the best the industry has to offer and at budget friendly price points. Upgrade, update or start your roofing equipment collection today with Intech Equipment and Supply.


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