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graco fusion cs gun - fl0000, ft0438


Price: $3,600.00

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Graco Fusion CS00F2

Rarely to do we come across spray foam equipment that can truly deliver against the test of time, mainly against the wear and tear of the harsh plural component materials that are applied day in and day out. The Graco Fusion Clear Shot Spray Gun series delivers on just that, providing for dramatically reduced maintenance responsibilities, and giving a better result on your spray foam insulation and coatings applications. Get the best of both worlds, at a price tag that won’t eat up all those extra profits you’ll be gaining after putting the Fusion CS to work on your job sites.

The Fusion CS is a liquid purge applicator, much different that the mechanical or air purge spray guns that have dominated the market this far – While Graco has impressive line ups of both the aforementioned, the Fusion CS truly is an industry revolution. The ClearShot liquid cartridges fit easily into the ergonomic spray gun handle, and functions to clean out the mix chamber. This keeps spray foam build up from occurring, which typically would require manually drilling and cleaning. Your mix chamber is kept clear, allowing it to function as intended, and also preventing damaging wear and tear that occurs from the harsh build up that can happen over time.

This Graco Fusion CS00F2 will double as coating and spray foam equipment, and comes standard with the FL0000 mix chamber and the FT0438 flat spray tip. With the fusion CS technology, you get roughly an hour back each day that would have been spent on routine maintenance – Over time this adds up to valuable time saved annually! Reach small, tight areas, and put over 10 different settings to work on your diverse job line up. Variable flow technology allows you to switch between small and large spray patterns in no time, and you can also swap out the fluid heads quickly as well.

Keep your jobs running on time, and with impressive results with the Graco Fusion CS00F2. Learn more about the Graco Fusion ClearShot gun line up at Intech Equipment and Supply today!

OperationManual: 312666

CS00F2 - FL0000 mix chamber with FT0438 flat tip (.029 orifice size)