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pump, edp30, 460v 3ph, 7 1/2hp

SKU: EDP30C460

Price: $14,567.65

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Bullard Free-Air EDP30 (460V, 3PH, 7.5HP)

The EDP30 (460V, 3PH, 7.5HP) Free Air Pump is a three phase, electric driven pump with a 7.5 horse power motor. The most powerful of the EDP30 line, with this pump you get the trifecta of savings- time, money and function. The EDP30 is versatile and can be used in a number of application settings as well as for a range of users. All of this is easily done without expensive installation fees seen with traditional compressed air supplies, in addition to health conscious features that eliminate dangerous CO emissions requiring OSHA regulated monitoring. With the EDP 30 (460V, 3PH, 7.5HP) you get increased performance and without the need for CO alarms, temperature monitoring or airline filters.

With Bullard’s Free-Air pump line you save time during set up, as well as cutting down on relocating the air supply since the EDP30 gives you up to 300 feet of range for delivery. Also, the user sequence is based solely upon your needs- depending on the style of respirator (hood vs. half face vs. full face) users can share the supply and easily change between one or the other on a daily basis. Set up is fast and easy and Bullard ships you everything necessary to operate out-of-the-box. The EDP30 can also be moved quickly and easily from job to job.

Make the choice to upgrade your fleets today and enjoy the cost savings and flexibility that follows. The EDP30 (460V, 3PH, 7.5HP) is compatible with all manufacturer respirators, simply checking the manual to ensure the output is sufficient will assist you in selecting which EDP30 is right for you. For a full mask or half mask airline respirator, the EDP30 gives air for 6 respirators. For a hooded respirator style, 4 users can share the source. If you require a climate control device, Frigitron 2000, two hooded respirator style/users can share the air source. Shop the EDP30 line, or all of the Bullard Free-Air Pump options today, conveniently at Intech Equipment and Supply.


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