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Graco Gun & Palm Grips

Did you know that an applicators fatigue level can drastically affect the productivity of a project? An essential part of the spray foam and polyurea installation process is the comfort level of the applicator, and now Graco has a solution. Introducing Gracos Gun & Palm Grips. 

These grips feature 3M™ Gripping Material Technology, designed to
  • Reduce fatigue 
  • Provide comfort 
  • Give thermal protection 
The gun grips by Graco are designed to be used on some of your favorite Graco spray foam guns. Like the Fusion AP, Fusion CS or Probler P2. The Palm Grips are designed to be used with any disposable/removable glove. 

The Gun Grips can be used alone to provide a strong secure grip, or in combination with the Palm Grips to maximize the comfort and anti-fatigue properties and minimize the applicators required grip strength. 

The 3M Gripping Material adheres securely to the gun handle, but can be easily removed to re-position and replace. 
As a bonus in the near future Graco will be including a 3-pack sample in all new Fusion AP, Fusion CS, and Probler P2 guns. If you do not want to wait to try them out you can also buy them from us right now.

Fusion & P2 Grips

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Gun Grips 10-pack



Gun Grips 50-pack



Gun Grips 100-pack




Palm Grips

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Palm Grip 10-pack



Palm Grip 50-pack



Palm Grip 100-pack