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Intech Equipment & Supply offers foam insulation equipment packages from several different manufacturers so customers can choose the best value for their investment.

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Used Roofing Equipment

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Proper maintenance and equipment care are essential for roofing. Our ability to identify the difference between a maintained unit and a neglected one is the top reason why our inventory of used roofing equipment and supplies are an excellent solution.

While our available stock of used roofing equipment varies, roofing contractors can expect to find an array of used commercial roofing supplies and equipment for sale. From kettles, pumps, airless sprayers, felt machines and gravel spreaders, to fall protection equipment, power washers, and much more, we recommend always browsing through our used inventory online before deciding to purchase new.

Whether you are trying to meet budget or client demands, we can help you keep your crews moving, all with one-stop-shopping in our online store. From commercial roofing equipment and supplies to custom spray foam rigs, you can find what you need.

Consider Used Roofing Supplies: Check Out Our Inventory! Simplify your life, streamline the equipment purchasing process, and take confidence in our service team’s ability to help you select and purchase products that align with your existing lineup. We also promise to provide you with valuable maintenance and troubleshooting information every step of the way.

Choose used commercial roofing equipment and supplies from a trusted industry distributor that has the professional staff and resources to ensure your investment is worthy and will provide a return for the long haul.
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Water Shotgun Pressure Washer


Price: $1800.00

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Used Spud Machine


Price: $1500.00

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Used Garlock HotMaxx


Price: $3000.00

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steel wheel barrow

SKU: usedWheelbarrow

Price: $100.00

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Price: $2800.00

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mop cart 20gal

SKU: usedmopcart

Price: $110.00

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