two wheel heavy duty wheelbarrow with flatbuster tires

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Cleasby Heavy Duty Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

The Cleasby heavy duty two wheel wheelbarrow is a common staple on both commercial and residential roofing job sites. Having the proper equipment to keep a job running efficiently can truly come down to the simplest of tools – the wheelbarrow. Save both time and money by choosing the right roofing equipment the first time, and avoid costly repairs, delays and frustrations down the road.

Wheelbarrows take a daily beating on the job so when it comes to their construction, design is crucial. To combat the rigorous demands of a construction site, Cleasby has designed a tough and functional steel framed, heavy duty two wheel wheelbarrow. The solid steel frame means that heavy loads will be supported with maximum stability, and the seamless bucket tray is securely welded into place, giving you 6 cubic feet of haul space. Flatbuster Tires won’t fall victim to nails and debris during transport the transport of materials, requiring less repairs and ultimately resulting in less down time. The skid plate on the frame allows for easy dumping and minimizes the force of kickback while doing so. Weighing in at roughly 75 pounds, the Cleasby heavy duty wheelbarrow also comes in a single-wheel model, and is available with regular tires as well.

For the last 60+ years, Cleasby roofing products has been providing contractors quality tools and materials for all stages and types of roofing jobs. Designs and materials are chosen based on feedback and durability, and the wheelbarrow is no exception to this. As simple as a tool as it may be, the cost of repairing the frame, tires and bucket can quickly add up. By choosing a heavy duty wheelbarrow from Cleasby, these potential issues are brought to a minimum.

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