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graco fusion cs gun - fl0000, ft0424


Price: $3,600.00

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CSF001 Graco Fusion Gun for Spray Foam and Coatings

The Graco Fusion CS gun line up is packed with features to boost your spraying time, improve mix results, and reduce the wear and tear that occurs as a result of the harsh plural component chemicals. As an alternative to mechanical purge or air purge spray guns, the Fusion CS liquid purge design with ClearShot technology essentially eliminates that need for manual, meticulous cleanings in the mix chamber. While this Graco Fusion gun is on the cutting edge of technology, it is still obtainable and practical to add to your equipment line up today!

The CS00F1 features the Graco Fusion CS Liquid Purge gun, the FL0000 Mix chamber and the FT0424 Flat Graco spray tip. Delivering a 10 inch spray pattern, this Fusion CS will spray coatings at .5 GPM and spray foam at 3 LBs/ Minute.

Fusion CS Features:
  • Variable flow capabilities, a first for plural component spray equipment
  • Seconds to switch between large or small patterns
  • Total of 10 different settings
  • Cleaner operation, less down time
  • Fluid heads swap out in seconds
  • Gun head has non- stick cover that keeps it clean
  • Material build up reduced with ‘ air knife’
  • Change outs are quick, get rid of long interruptions
  • ClearShot cartridges slip into the handle, saving roughly 1 hour of maintenance daily
Now what are you waiting for? Upgrade your spray foam and coatings equipment line up today, and do it with Graco’s cutting edge technology paving the way for your increased profits. With the CS Graco Fusion Gun, not only do you get more time spraying and less time cleaning, but you also get precise applications and a variety of spray pattern capabilities – Essentially the best in all the features that we desire in our spray foam and coating applications, brought to you by the pros at Graco.

OperationManual: 312666

CS00F1 - FL0000 mix chamber with FT0424 flat tip (.029 orifice size)